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SØL. is dedicated to transforming raw materials sourced from Norway into organic fertilizers.

We dedicate ourselves to sourcing both sustainable and recycled products. It being seaweed directly from the ocean, or waste products out of the HORECA industry. Our fertilizer plant is located in close proximity to the ocean in the south of Norway.

Urban Hage


The vision of SØL. is to empower homegrowers, promote sustainable gardening practices, and foster a thriving community of individuals cultivating their own fresh and healthy food. We aim to provide high-quality products, personalized guidance, and a vibrant platform for knowledge sharing, inspiring individuals to embrace gardening, contribute to a greener world, and enjoy the rewards of self-sufficiency.


The mission of the SØL. is to provide homegrowers in URBAN areas with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to successfully cultivate their own fresh and healthy food. We are dedicated to promoting sustainable gardening practices, offering high-quality products, and fostering a supportive community that inspires and empowers individuals to embrace the joy of gardening. Through education, accessibility, and innovation, our mission is to enable homegrowers to contribute to a greener and more self-sufficient world

Kvinne som arbeider i drivhuset
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